Highland Bagpipe | Black Wood Bagpipe
   Item Name:     Black Ebony Wood bagpipe, ROYAL STEWART BAG cover with cord, with IVORY
   Item Code:     SI - 202
   Product Detail:

Full size, 40" x 20" Black Ebony Woodbagpipe, ROYAL STEWART BAG cover with cord, with IVORY COLOR  Sole, Scrolls, Knobs with soft leather bag. 

High Quality Pipes with Professional sound quality

One set of Pakistani drone reeds and English cane chanter reed is also fitted.  (ready to play )


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  • African Black Wood Bagpipe Ivory Color Ferrules Nickel Silver Plain Cap Rings and Slide
    SI - 203
  • Black Rosewood Bagpipe Ivory Color Ferrules Nickle Silver Plain Fitting. Plain Turned Bagpipe
    SI - 204
  • Black ROSEWOOD bagpipe, VELVET BAG cover with BLACK SILK DRONE cord, with IVORY COLOR Sole, Scrolls
    SI - 205
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