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   Item Name:     Drum Major Mace nickel plated trumpet shape head gold crown
   Item Code:     SI - 9006
   Product Detail:

Drum Majors mace Malacca cane nickel plated chain and nickel plated ferrules with nickel plated trumpet shape head and gold color crown rampart lion on the top of mace use for pipe bands drum majors.

54 or 60 inches Long.


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  • Drum Major Mace engraved trumpet shap head and gold color
    SI - 9007
  • Drum Major Mace Full Gold Embossed Head With Lion & Crown
    SI - 9008
  • Drum Major Mace thistle flower top, gold/chrome embossed head
    SI - 9009
  • Marching Stick Case Black size 60 or 54 inches Long
    SI - 9010
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