Sporrans | Rabbit Fur Sporrans
   Item Name:     Maroon Rabbit Skin Sporrans Embossed Thistle Cantle Top
   Item Code:     SI - 5207
   Product Detail:

This sporran is made of 100% Maroon Rabbit Skin Sporrans, Made with traditional methods. Embossed Cantle and three tassels for a classic Celtic look. Dimensions:8" x 9"approx.
The sporran comes with chain leather strap and fits up to a size 48" Waist.

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  • Rabbit Fur Sporran Thistle Cantle Top Chain Straps Included.
    SI - 5208
  • Real GREY Rabbit skin guaranteed. Back pocket Real Leather
    SI - 5209
  • Sporran is made of white rabbit fur with 3 white fur tassels dangling on chains.
    SI - 5210
  • Semi-Dress Sporran White Rabbit Fur Studded Thistle
    SI - 5211
  • Semi-Dress Sporran Black Rabbit Fur Studded Thistle
    SI - 5212
  • Rabbit Fur Sporran. It has 3 leather tassels and a metal loop and pin
    SI - 5213
  • White Rabbit 3 Tassel Dress Sporran for Kilts Includes Chain Belt
    SI - 5214
  • White Rabbit Fur, Highland Thistle Full Dress Sporran
    SI - 5215
  • Rabbit Fur Sporran Pin Loop closure doublet plaited pattern on the flaf
    SI - 5216
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